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You can accept cash, check, or other offline payments with a TicketSpice page. This article will cover: 

  • Setting up your page to accept offline payments 

  • Hiding the convenience fee when offline payment option is selected (optional) 

  • Managing offline payments in reporting 

Note: If you're using WePay, a credit card is required to publish this feature. The card will be invoiced $0.99 per registrant for completed offline payments. It will not be invoiced for free registrations. If you do not wish to have a card on file, simply disable the offline payment option.

Set Up

Edit the Payment Method field by selecting the pencil icon.

Toggle Allow Offline Payment on.

Optional: You can customize the label and instructions for offline payments. 

The instructions will display when the registrant makes their selection and on the confirmation page and email. 

Convenience Fee (Optional) 

If you'd like to hide the convenience fee when offline payments are selected, you can set up this action:


When the offline payment option is selected, it puts the order in a pending state until payment is received. 

Note: Pending offline registrations do not count towards your numbers or display in your reporting until completed. They also can't be checked in onsite when pending. 

To complete the offline payment, select Transactions in the Reports dropdown.

Pro Tip: Filter the status by Pending Offline to make it easier to find your desired transaction.

Click the eye next to the transaction you wish to complete.

Click Complete.

When you select Complete, you'll have the option to add a reference number, a custom message (for the confirmation email), and/or an admin note. By completing the transaction you are notifying the system that you received the payment and therefore updating the status from Pending Offline to Completed.

Once done, the purchaser will receive a completed status and a confirmation with their tickets. 


When is the $0.99 fee applied?
We charge $0.99 when the original ticket order takes place (ie when order status is Pending Offline Payment).

How Can I Add An Offline Payment on a Peer to Peer Fundraising Page?

Currently you can add the Offline Payment Amount to the Setup on your Peer to Peer Page:

  1. Select the Pencil Icon to get to your Page Builder,

  2. Select the Pencil Icon within your Peer to Peer Page to access your Peer to Peer Settings,

  3. Scroll down to Offline Contributions and add the amount you've received via Cash or Check.

  4. Save and Publish your changes and you'll see your total updated on your live page.

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