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Limit sales or attendance by event or ticket level
Limit sales or attendance by event or ticket level

Set a capacity limit for your event or set limits to how many tickets are available for a given ticket level

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Select Edit Ticket Information in your page builder.

You've got two options for tracking capacity. 

Option One: Set an event capacity

This will count all of your ticket levels towards one capacity. It won't matter how many of each level is sold with this setting, it will close sales when 1000 tickets total have been sold. 

Option Two: Set ticket level supply

This will cap ticket sales per ticket level when each individual capacity is reached. 

Additional Settings

Publicly display remaining inventory

This will show the number of tickets remaining on the live page: 

Exclude from capacity

If you've used the event capacity option, this won't count this ticket level towards the number set. 



How does the event capacity work if it's a multiple event, multiple date, or recurring event?

In this scenario, the event capacity is per event, per date, and per recurring event.  

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