If you're using Webconnex Payments (powered by WePay) you can easily view and export withdrawal reports within your account. Withdrawals are the payout summaries from your TicketSpice revenue. In the withdrawal report, you'll find a breakdown of all transactions - including refunds and chargebacks - in each settlement. This makes it fast and easy to calculate your net revenue!

Click on Withdrawals in your Reports dropdown.

You can filter by product or gateway.

Select Details to view the transactions in each settlement.

The date, product, billing name, page name, amount, fees deducted, and net amount will show for each transaction. You can also export this information with a deposit report. 

Upon clicking the details of the withdrawal, you'll be taken to a screen itemizing each transaction, the fees, and net deposit amount in that withdrawal. Here is a sample screenshot of what this report looks like.

In addition, you can include the settle date and the settled amount when you export transactions. 

FAQs - 

What if I'm not using Webconnex Payments? 

This feature is only available with our in-house gateway. If you're using a custom gateway, these details will not pull into our system. You can pull a net revenue report from the gateway instead. 

Can I change the deposit settings? 

Yes, you can log in to your WePay account and adjust the settings there. You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly deposits. 

What if there is no information listed under details?

You can click Request Report to re-ping the gateway, that will sync the data back to the TicketSpice side.


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