Are you processing LESS than $5 per transaction?

WePay's policy is the cost of the registration can't exceed 20% of the fee. Therefore, they have a minimum charge of $5. The minimum on other platforms is $1. We cannot process any charge below $1 on any processor. 

Are you hosting or promoting a raffle?

Raffles are against  WePay's terms of service (section seven). You cannot sell raffle tickets or promote the selling of raffle tickets / participation in a raffle on a form linked to a WePay processor. 

Are you in the business of travel planning?

Travel-related arrangement services is considered high risk, and against  WePay's terms of service (section seven). You cannot collect information for travel booking on a form linked to a WePay processor. 

Do you need the option of accepting ACH transactions?

ACH is not available on TicketSpice pages. The two payment processor that allow for ACH transactions are and NMI (Cornerstone). If you're looking to use this option in association with donations on Givingfuel, you can apply here. Please contact our support to assist with setup. 

Do you have payout deadlines? 

WePay provides daily deposits. However, if WePay or the Bank suspects future chargebacks or disputes as a result of transactions to your Account, the Bank may defer payout and/or restrict access to your funds until WePay or the Bank reasonably believes, in their sole discretion, that the risk of receiving a chargeback or dispute has passed. 

Please make sure you understand  WePay's payout terms (section thirteen) if the temporary holding of funds is an issue. 

Are you processing in a currency other than USD? 

WePay can do USD. Stripe allows you to process in one of the following international currencies: 


FAQs - 

What are the benefits of choosing Webconnex Payments (WePay) over a custom processor? 

Because of our partnership with WePay, we are able to offer a processing rate of 2.99% flat. No other fees. 

In addition, you get the choice of daily, weekly, or monthly deposits at no additional cost. You also get integrated reporting and no 1% custom processor fee.

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